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Small yachts for sale have not received the attention that bigger yachts have from portals and brokerage sites.
This is understandable as the number of yachts for sale in general has increased tremendously over the last years and the procedure to sell a small or a big yacht is almost the same and requires an equal time and effort.

As we have regularly received offers from owners of small yachts to place their boats on our listings, we thought it worthwhile that we develop one extra section which will cater for this part of the industry as well.

In this case we are offering the owner of the small yacht, the possibility to place his boat on Private Yacht Sales and deal directly with any potential buyers.

For this service we require a basic fee of Euro 20 / month / boat.
Minimum time for placing an advert is 3 months.

See more for rates on menu section : Rates for submitting a yacht for sale”.

We do not require any further fee apart from the monthly fee, so long the yacht stays on our section neither if the yacht is sold thru our listings.

Although from our side we will take every effort to provide a clear & pleasant presentation of your boat to the viewers, there are some aspects which mainly depend on you as seller to succeed a possible sale and to the right price.

The success in a sale as well as the time it will take to be sold depends on various factors.

Herebelow some selling tips when selling a boat, to bear in mind :


1. Provide actual condition of your yacht

If you provide an inflated image of what your boat actually represents, chances are that at some point, the buyer or his surveyor will ascertain the actual condition. As a result the sale might be aborted or you will be asked for a significant reduction in price.


2. Damages on boat

If your yacht has sustained any damages, depending on their magnitude and nature can certainly affect the sale of your boat.

It would be a good norm, to advise the interested buyer on any such items in advance, before he takes the plane to come and view your boat. 

Bear in mind, that a known serious damage on the vessel which was covered or hidden from the eyes in order for a sale to be succeeded and which can be proved though to have been known to the seller, can effect in legal disputes even after the vessel has passed into the new ownership.  


3. Price of yacht

The price you set on your yacht for sale, should take into account the price of relevant sister vessels, relevant condition and amount of equipment onboard.

Asking too high price, might just result the vessel to stay too long for sale while the seller starts gradually to reduce his price and eventually end up selling it to a realistic price or even lower price. In the meantime especially if he is not using the vessel, he continues paying mooring or docking fees, insurance and maintenance costs to his boat.

Therefore the suggestion is, choose a realistic price for your boat from  the beginning which should not be affected by personal affection to it. See it with a neutral eye if possible.

Your boat no matter how good it is, sorry to say it like this, is not the only one in the market.

If you wish to recommend you a suitable selling price, please contact us. 

We can do this for you, for a small consultancy fee (depending on the size of your vessel). has been experienced yacht brokers, surveyors, boat & ship valuers. 


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