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Further services we can offer


Quite often we are contacted from buyers or sellers of a yacht, to assist them in a safe and trouble-free sale execution.

We can undertake this task for you.

There is no fixed fee for this service as it depends on various factors and requirements differing from sale to sale.

Aspects we can be of assistance are the following although we might be able to assist on other issues as well :

  1. Yacht evaluations
  2. Preparation of a sale and purchase agreement.
  3. Assistance in preparation of inventory for a yacht
  4. Checking of titles & relevant documentation
  5. Checking of outstanding debts or other encumbrances
  6. Handling of payments
  7. Being also qualified yacht and ship surveyors, can carry out pre-purchase condition survey on a vessel anywhere
  8. Carry out smaller range or targeted surveys according to your requirements.
  9. Preparation and handling of Bill of Sale, in conjunction with payments
  10. New registration assistance in some cases
  11. Deletions from registries
  12. Custom clearing services from the E.U.

You may contact us through following link and let us know your needs and we will provide you with a quote based on these.

Further services – Assistance

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