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Applicable Rates
Note – Please read the notes as well as the terms and conditions below this table
Case # # of yachts
Advert period Price
excluding VAT
(in Euros)
Including VAT of 19%
(in Euros)
1. 1 3 months (minimum initial period) not relevant not relevant
2. 1 Extension / month after initial period not relevant not relevant
3. 1 Extension for 3 months not relevant not relevant
4. 1 Initial or extension for 6 months not relevant not relevant
5. 1 Initial or extension for 9 months not relevant not relevant
6. 1 Initial or extension for 12 months not relevant not relevant
discount on 2 yachts advertised simultaneously
7. 3 or more yachts For any of the above mentioned options,contact usfor special rates

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Note :

If you are an E.U. Citizen, not VAT registered and with no relevant VIES (VAT information exchange system) number, prices including E.U. VAT apply.

Terms & Conditions :

  1. An advert will appear live only after payment for a corresponding period has been effected.
  2. Minimum advert period at start is 3 months.
  3. Adverts may be renewed and paid per month thereafter or for longer period.
  4. Initial time starts counting from the 1st of the following month the advert starts appearing and expires on the last day of the 3rd month after the month has initially appeared (as an example an advert which was paid on the 10th of January will appear live from that date however time will start counting from the 1st of February and advert will expire on the 30th of April of same year. 
  5. Advert renewals should preferably take place not less than 5 days prior to expiration date.
  6. Apart from the advertising fee, we require no commission in case of sale
  7. Should a content of an advert, is not found appropriate for the purposes of this site even if payment has been effected, the site management reserves the right to refuse publicizing the content of the submitted advert

Following expiration period of an advert, we reserve the right to remove this advert from live exposure on the internet. Re-instating on live mode, can then be effected following a new extension payment

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